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Michael A. Pugliese CMI, CME, CMR, CMT, CPCA, CCH, PSc.D.
Homeopathic Health
Instructor North American Institute of Technology, Department of Microbial Sciences 
                          Michael Pugliese Mold Published Author Mold Expert Medical - Environmental - Mold Litigation Expert   Michael Pugliese Mold Medical and Environmental Researcher   Michael Pugliese Mold World Class Environmentalist 
                               Two Decades of Scientific and Medical Research into Mold Exposure,
 the Diseases it Causes, and Medical Protocols that Provide Effective Detoxification and Patient Recovery.

Michael now interviews mold exposure victims in Atlanta Georgia, providing an unmatched knowledge base of mold exposure. From the environment in which the exposure was contracted, to the laboratory, and into the interview room, no one person has a more complete understanding of mold exposure and the adverse health effect, symptoms, and disease it causes. The 6,000 square foot Integrative Medical Center can in no other words be described as but, "simply amazing".

Michael A. Pugliese, nationally and internationally published author, lecturer, guest radio talk show celebrity, world class environmentalist, and one of the worlds leading medical researchers regarding mold exposure, mycotoxin poisoning, and environmental health, shares with you the absolute facts surrounding the toxic effects of  mold exposure, the symptoms of mold exposure and health care protocols to defeat mold sickness Bermuda flew in the leading mold experts in the illness, detoxify the human body from mold allergies, fungal and yeast infections, and mycotoxin poisoning.

When the New York Times wants to speak          With 9 policemen dead with no causes of               2014, When New York State passed the
to a mold expert Michael Pugliese is the               death listed, and 14 others with brain                     new "Mold Law", the New York City  
the first name on the list.                                         aneurysms and mysterious miscarriages                Mayor's Office reached out to one of the most
                                                                                       the Country of Bermuda flew in two of the             respected opinions regarding mold exposure 
See Article                                                                   leading U.S. mold experts, Dr. Jack Thrasher        and human health, Michael Pugliese.
                                                                                      and Michael Pugliese.                                                 
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The Mold Exposure Mystery  "SOLVED"

The fact is that there is no mystery regarding mold exposure, or mycotoxin poisoning. Contracting disease, or getting poisoned by environmental "pathogens" (disease causing to humans) is as old as man himself, some pathogens are simply more well researched and understood than others. Until recently mold and other indoor pathogens caused by water damaged indoor environments had not been well researched or understood, but now all of that is a thing of the past.

Two decades of scientific and medical research has now been published and is being hailed as one of greatest scientific and medical breakthrough papers written to improve public health. This scientific breakthrough unequivocally links mold contaminated environments directly to disease and death in human beings and animals.  This discovery will cause change to the medical industry, the legal industry, the real estate industry, the rental property industry, the home builders industry, and an entire world of medical financial predators and frauds posing as "Mold Doctors".

Mold Exposure Made Simple by: Michael Pugliese
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